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Aisle Sign Danglers
3 Available

Imagine your brand for all to see as they look up for the right aisle at the show. Make it happen with these aisle sign danglers. Exact quantity is TBD.

Registration Kick Panels
1 Available

Your brand on display as attendees line up to register. Exact quantity is TBD.

Lakeside Landing Entrance Door Clings
6 Available

Capture the attention of your client with these window clings.

Hilton Entrance Door Clings
4 Available

Capture the attention of your customers with these window clings near the hotel entrance.

Exhibit Hall Window Clings
4 Available

Let attendees see your brand as they walk past the exhibit hall. There are 6 windows per section. Four sections are available.

Escalator Hall C Branding
4 Available

Attendees are sure to see your message as they move between floors at the event. (Only one side shown here for illustrative purposes.) Four large escalator clings on each side of the glass with the two sides making one set. $3,500 each

Exhibit Hall Prefunction Column Wrap
7 Available

These tall 10' high column wraps greet attendees as they enter the expo hall. Starting at $3,500 each.

Ballroom Level Hand Rail Cling
5 Available

The large glass clings on the ballroom level are sure to grab your customers' attention. Five clings in this section.

Escalator Ballroom Branding
4 Available

More clings and more chances to make an impression. Four large escalator clings per side with 2 sides making a complete set. $5,000 each

Ballroom Prefunction Glass Clings
3 Available

These extra large (nearly 10 feet!) high clings will help you stand out as attendees enter the ballroom.

Floor Cling - Exhibit Hall
15 Available

These floor clings will help guide attendees right to your brand! Number of clings available is TBD.


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